What is Ýlir?

Ýlir is the name of the second month of winter according to the old Norse calendar. It
symbolizes the time of reflection and being grateful for what still is there to be seen and
heard. In the dark winter months of north of Europe, it is necessary to seek refuge wherever it is possible.

The role of Ýlir in our world today is exactly that, a refuge. A refuge for the soul from the karmic predicament of the incarnation it inhabits in this time and space.
In the presence of Ýlir, you can be just who you are at this very moment. You are welcome
to stay and you are welcome to leave.

With Ýlir, you may find that you yourself are the complete package and you only have a
distorted view of yourself, which your ego has created in order to function in our society
With Ýlir, you may realize that each moment is perfection in and of itself and that nothing external is needed.
We are all connected, and we are all one. All for one and one for all.

Ýlir has always been there but has only recently manifested in this form. In this reaching out
to brass players as a roadmap to become conscious and fully awake in a world that demands
that we are sleeping. A world where the ignorant are celebrated and the selfish are applauded.
With Ýlir, you may get to see that all that is, is an expression of the one and therefor it is just
as futile to celebrate victories as it is to mourn losses.
With Ýlir, you may start to appreciate each missed note as a welcome reflection of God, showing you where you are not.
With Ýlir, you may start to be grateful for everything that happens to you, and slowly and
slowly you might notice that your perception and reaction to worldly events changes.
With Ýlir, you may start to see the perfection of it all. The perfection of large-scale human
suffering. The perfection of the ridiculousness of orchestral auditions. The perfection of the
screwed up opening trumpet solo in Mahler´s fifth symphony.
With Ýlir, you may start to recognize that nothing simply happens and that we are
journeying through endless cycles of impact and consequences, actions and reactions.
With Ýlir, you may be become grateful for each failed audtion, because each step of your
journey has led you here. Here where you are welcome to stay and go as you see fit.

Ýlir, is as all of Lord´s creations, just there for you to embrace or reject.
Ýlir does not want anything.

Ýlir just is.


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