Transcending transactions

For some weird reason we have created a society that is based on transactions, meaning that one does not simply do anything unless getting something in return.

I propose that we leave that darkness behind us and simply share the gifts the universe has given us and the one that we are sharing it with will have complete freedom to either honour your gift with a donation of some sort, or just honour it with a smile.

For us to be free, we must stop asking for compensation for doing our passion. It is the way of things that if we operate from the heart and in the dimension of inclusion then we will always be rewarded for what we do.

Do not be a fool and create obstacles for you to share your passion.

“I only share my passion with those that can afford it.”

What complete bullshit and utter arrogance. Stop charging for things and you will see that you will want for nothing. When you look at others as an extension of yourself, you will realize that giving is receiving. The performance is the reward. Do not belittle it by some sort of a material compensation. Sure, we must have proper housing and have enough finances to eat good and healthy food. But you will see that once you stop this capitalistic nonsense of pursuing ever greater compensation for simply showing up, you will see that your needs will adapt to what is being offered.

If for some reason you need some money, if you are operating from the heart and with unconditional love then money will just appear, because you will manifest it.

We live, sadly, in a world where idiots are applauded, and the truth is not recognized.

Don´t be an idiot.

Tell the truth, love everyone and give up being right.

The insistence of being correct is destroying the world.

Don´t be correct, be truth.

Be a bloody beacon and just shine.

Have you noticed that lighthouses do not look for those that need help? They just stand still and shine. Ever ready to come to the aid of those that need help.

Just be present, for everybody!

Do not put-up barriers between yourself and the world. You might make some money, but money is worthless in the dimension of unconditional love. 

Don´t get me wrong. We need things to survive and to be a part of this world. So, we play the game, but we become conscious that it is just a meaningless game.

So, we make money where we can make money.

But we know that no amount of money will ever come close to the gift of acceptance.

Just be yourself and you will attract to you what you need.

Become aware of the fact that we are souls that live beyond time and space as we exist in the eternal now.

Your soul does not give a fuck about the things you acquire during this blink of an eye of a lifetime that you are, possibly, clinging onto.

Identify with the part of you that is immortal and eternal, and you will start to notice that your momentary needs will be met.

The universe is on your side if you allow it to be.

You are the universe, and the universe is you.

So, if you have forgotten it then please wake the fuck up.

Remember that even if you are an idiot, I love you.


by Ýlir.

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