Transcending transactions

For some weird reason we have created a society that is based on transactions, meaning that one does not simply do anything unless getting something in return. I propose that we leave that darkness behind us and simply share the gifts the universe has given us and the one that we are sharing it with [...]

There is nothing to say, just play!

So often our desire to make a meaningful performance will hinder it to be free. Music forexample exists in a realm where words are meaningless, so why do we try to belittle musicby putting verbal meaning into it. “I want my music to inspire.”“I want the audience to like me.”“I want to prove that I [...]

A small story of awakening

I was left alone to respond to things that were beyond my individual knowledge and skill.I had tried to enhance my skillset by approaching others, but the ones that I trusted to helpme, were busy. So, I reached out to the manifestation of anti-trust.I reached out to my mother.My mother who had never been what [...]


In our society we celebrate leaders and we often build up strong relationships with our fellow followers. We stare in awe at conductors that are in complete control of the orchestra or choir they conduct.  We feel a sense of wonder when we listen to a virtuoso. We like to see control. It gives us [...]