A small story of awakening

I was left alone to respond to things that were beyond my individual knowledge and skill.
I had tried to enhance my skillset by approaching others, but the ones that I trusted to help
me, were busy.

So, I reached out to the manifestation of anti-trust.

I reached out to my mother.

My mother who had never been what I wanted her to be.
My mother who always had a comment on how I behaved, dressed, consumed food or
My mother who had, unknowingly, cultivated hatred towards myself.

In a moment of crisis, I turned to both my creator and my destroyer.
And I saw in an instant that I could not embrace one while rejecting the other.
I could not be grateful for her to bringing me to this incarnation while I was living in fear and
hate toward her.
But when my rejection turned into acceptance, I saw that all my fear and hate towards her,
I embraced her as she was, a soul that was in an incarnation and that she was just doing her
absolute best.
Bit by bit I connected more to her intention, rather what I felt about the consequences of
her actions.
I connected to the wisdom of helping lovingly, without knowing how it will turn out. It will
though never stop you from giving a helping hand.
You love, do your thing and surrender the consequences into the cosmos.
I surrendered to my mother.

I stopped fighting her.
I stopped judging her.

I saw her as a divine feminine energy, that was simply clashing with my divine masculine
energy, and while both were seeking power, both were suffering.

Separation is the root of suffering.

The believe that things are happening to you, not for you.
That someone else is doing something to you, not just simply carrying out an already
approved plan by the cosmic consciousness.

I awoke to the realization that truth is not absolute, it is relative, and it is in your power to
create a story that will always end well, whatever happens on the way.
Reaching out to my mother and surrendering to her as she was, and not continuing to
manipulate her into becoming a mother I wanted, gave me the clarity to overcome the
obstacles that lay ahead of me. I rose up to the occasion, by going down on my knees and

by Ýlir

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