A small story of awakening

I was left alone to respond to things that were beyond my individual knowledge and skill.I had tried to enhance my skillset by approaching others, but the ones that I trusted to helpme, were busy. So, I reached out to the manifestation of anti-trust.I reached out to my mother.My mother who had never been what [...]


In our society we celebrate leaders and we often build up strong relationships with our fellow followers. We stare in awe at conductors that are in complete control of the orchestra or choir they conduct.  We feel a sense of wonder when we listen to a virtuoso. We like to see control. It gives us [...]

Allow me to introduce myself

Dear you.I find myself in a dilemma. Like on a first date, with a beautiful human being, I need to simultaneously speak my truth,and yet allow things to progress naturally, with no coercion on my part.I must speak from the deepest regions of my heart and try to connect to you. While Itransmit the essence [...]